Of Bad Days and Birthdays

14,049 Days Alive

36 Years Alive

1 Rotten Day

Well, I’m glad I had a good weekend because my actual birthday kind of sucked.

I woke up feeling nauseous, then the air conditioning was out at work for half the day so it was miserably uncomfortable. Fen brought me pretzels and Sprite because I threw up from the heat.

I ended up helping out DW after work. Poor guy was stranded and in need of a lift to the mall to find new shoes.

We accomplished that mission. DW was sweet enough to make sure I had a snack, some cinnamon sugar pretzel bites, and bought me a coffee drink from Starbucks. The awesome baristas gave me a pair of birthday cake pops and wrote “happy birthday” on my cup.

I messed up at work today, because a senior legal assistant gave me the wrong advice. It’s technically fixable, I think? But I’m disappointed that I messed up even if it isn’t exactly my fault.

Mentally, I’m just Sad. I should be happy. I had a great weekend. I even have a date with a guy named Rayne on Wednesday. But nope. I’m just hollow.

I need sleep. I’m going to finish watching Twister with Fen and crawl into bed. Take your meds, folks.

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