Of Exhaustion and Elsa

14,058 Days Alive

5 Hours of Sleep

3 Orders of Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes Eaten

No, not the Frozen Elsa, I mean the damned storm that rattled the windows all night with massive gusts of wind. Lost sleep over it.

Worked from home again today. Super hated it. But I was at least productive, which is a good thing. My call tracking excel spreadsheet came in handy. I don’t mind working. I mind the cat hair on everything and the inability to do my job completely. Tomorrow will be better.

Or at least I hope it will.

My boss wants to have a meeting with me at eleven tomorrow and I don’t know what it’s about, which super stresses me out and kicks my anxiety into overdrive. I am trying to be positive and maybe it’s just a sixty day review or something like that. Or just some additional training? I don’t know. It’s just exhausting to be anxious for two days straight between the potential hurricane issues and work.

I couldn’t even get any crocheting done because my hands hurt. And I couldn’t write because I spent the day at my laptop and couldn’t bring myself to sit down at it after I went grocery shopping for cat food, oat milk, and a new pair of shoes.

The storm barely touched us beyond wind and a little bit of rain. Poor Chelé got slammed, though. And J and Bill6 up on the north coast.

Speaking of coasts, I plan to go see Mal, Bubbles, Little Bee, and Little Bubs this weekend for Little Bee’s first birthday! Hopefully that all goes to plan.

Mentally, I’m a train wreck. I still haven’t posted chapter two of Crows at the Crossroads, which makes me feel like a failure. And then work anxiety. And other stuff, like letting Rayne know I’m not feeling romantically attached to them. And this fledgling thing with Gomez I’m terrified of screwing up somehow because I really enjoy his company.


I’m going to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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