Of Tarot and Time

13,186 Days Alive

I did a reading today after dinner. I used the Wild Unknown Deck that Reffie got me for this past Yule.

I’m still learning the meanings, because it’s a Rider Waite style deck and I’m used to my Osho Zen. Basically, I got stuck on the literal side of it, wasn’t quite open enough to the message until J broke it down for me.

That’s the beauty of tarot as a therapy tool, though. You have to be open to the message to hear it. And I don’t necessarily see myself as ready to love again just yet. I’m still bruised, emotionally, from my last relationship.

I have Leo as a date mate still, but they live in Georgia and we haven’t seen one another, other than the occasional video chat, in over a year. But when it comes down to it, I don’t let a lot of people close. I got the Moon as the self card. I’m very open about some things, but not everything. I keep a lot of cards close to the best. Especially when I’m actively struggling.

It’s getting better, but jeeze do I hope the mental radio shuts the fuck up eventually.

Anyway. Both Fen and I need to be up and out early tomorrow, so I’m heading to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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