Of Laundry and Let-Downs

13,241 Days Alive

3 Years Straight on PostmarkWonderland

I finally conquered Mount Clean Clothes and got everything put away. I feel accomplished if exhausted. Cleo kept me company via text while I worked away at it.

Today is the three year anniversary of daily posts on PostmarkWonderland! September 28th, 2018 was when I started the daily brain gremlin log. Now PostmarkWonderland has evolved. I have no-monthly recipes, book reviews, video tutorials for crocheting, and updates on my life, mental health, and craft projects. Also occasional nerdiness when I game with the crew.

The let-down today was Cleo and I were supposed to hang out this evening, but life got in the way. We rescheduled for tomorrow, at least, so there’s something to look forward to on Wednesday.

I’m still stressing a bit about the whole Thanksgiving trip. They’re talking like they’re not going to give me the time off. I’ll light a candle and pray on it tomorrow or something. I don’t have the energy today.

I made a therapy appointment. Which means I should start working through the CPTSD workbook I have. Again, small steps.

I think for NaNoWriMo 2021 I’m going to write my memoir. The eight kinds of love inspired one. And speaking of writing, I need to get more of Chapter Four of Crows at the Crossroads written. I have some of it, but I absolutely need more.

I restarted Fen’s Rainbow Blanket. Again. I need to find a pattern I like. I haven’t as of yet. Maybe I’ll do it in a Tunisian crochet? I dunno.

Anyway, I’m going to go read.

Take your meds, folks.

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