Of Trolls and Trees

13,304 Days Alive

819 Days Straight on Duolingo

2 Hateful Comments Deleted

When I was home for the holiday this past week, the Papas said that they needed my new address for a Christmas card. I thought nothing of it as they do send out holiday cards And then I received an amazing InstaPot /air fryer this afternoon from them! It’s HUGE and I love it. We’re going to make something in it this week. I can’t wait!

And then! The Christmas Bunny got me a new Christmas tree!

Not familiar with the Christmas Bunny? Neither was I. But my tree from college finally up and died on me this year. I was so upset I cried at work. I’ve had that same tree since 2009 or so. But, I guess, it too gave up the ghost. So now I have a new tree that was just delivered. Like… twenty minutes ago.

I’ll be setting it up at work tomorrow on my lunch break. It actually has a star to go atop it, as well! It’ll be the first year in quite a while Ill have had a star on top of the tree.

December is going to be a busy month. I’m going to see my former stepmother, Keri, and my stepsister Allie this weekend. Going to have J over on Sunday to maybe dehydrate some apples into chips, maybe? Or just do something in the InstaPot. I’m going to look up a good recipe for the weekend.

I’m still fighting the sadness over losing so many friends, both to deaths from Covid and from just… moving on. I’m sure I’ll fall out of touch with some people when I make the transition up north next summer. It’s just a natural part of being an adult. Not everyone is meant to be a “forever friend”.

I think the quote goes something like “a reason, a season, or a lifetime” about people who come into your life. It’s hard when people you thought were a lifetime, like my ex-wife, turn out to be for just a “season” or so.

But I don’t have the energy to be maudlin this evening. I talked to my godfather as well as my Uncle Gator this evening. I told them about my planned transition to the greater Chicagoland area next summer. They were both cautiously supportive. I’m so glad I’ve got so many cheerleaders that want me to succeed.

Anyway, about the “troll” part, I’ve already posted a picture earlier, so I won’t rehash it here.

I’ve already appeased the Duolingo owl, so I’m for bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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