Of 2022 and Tomfoolery

13,336 Days Alive

It’s the first of the calendar year! While I celebrate the turning of the Wheel a little more frequently than every 365 (ish) days, I do also embrace the mainstream holidays as well.

What does this mean for New Year’s Resolutions?

Not much, honestly. I don’t have actual resolutions this year. Just a few goals I’d like to achieve.

  1. Finish writing Midnight Calls, the urban fantasy story I’ve been working on for several years now.
  2. Get a new eyeglass prescription and likewise get updated glasses and donate the old ones.
  3. Donate unused items.
  4. Read at minimum 52 books and review no less than half of them.
  5. Finish at least three crochet projects.
  6. Keep my A1C down.

That’s it. Half a dozen reasonable goals to embrace as winter hits eighty degrees in Florida.

I get to see Reffie tomorrow! I’ll have to resist the urge to make an “I haven’t seen you in a year!” sort of joke. Probably.

New Year’s Eve with Cleo and their rather bite-inclined kitten Bowie was fun. But I’m glad to be home and stretched out in the living room, despite how much I enjoy cuddling with Cleo. Spock is being a crybaby, demanding attention and affection. I don’t mind, I just hope nothing’s the matter and he just missed me a bit in the few hours I was gone.

I don’t actually remember or know when Fen is going to be home from their trip. So it’s just met for at least tonight.

I’m off to cuddle a cat, crochet, and do some laundry.

Happy New Year, y’all! And take your meds, folks!

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