Of Watching and Waiting

13,337 Days Alive

36 Books Chosen to Read Thus Far in 2022

24 and 22 Size Short Purchased

9 Hours Till Fen Comes Home

1 Clingy Kitty Boy

Spock is determined to be snuggling me today. At least, he has since I got home from Reffie’s place. Maybe he knows my pain spiked? I dunno. But I’m hurting enough to take something for it.

Today was most excellent, despite the random afternoon spike in pain. I got to see Reffie. We went to breakfast and I had eggs! Well, not just eggs, but I had eggs with my breakfast. They were super delicious.

After breakfast, we ran some errands around town. I picked up two pairs of button closure, burnt orange, high waisted shorts on clearance for less than $25! And yes, I’m remarkably happy about it. I love burnt orange and I love shorts around the house. And my favorite pair of shorts just died due to thigh holes from where my thighs touch/rub together/whisper secrets to each other as I walk. I also found a happy pink shirt on clearance for under five bucks! And the shorts, circling back a moment to those, I bought them in two sizes because the 24s fit a little loose and I may actually be able to go down a size.

In other news, I got to see a classic movie today: The Thin Man. We also watched the sequel directly after it, After the Thin Man. Both movies are circa the 1930s, which means they’re coming up on 90 years old!

I also have a few of the songs from Disney’s newest adventure in animation, Encanto, stuck in my head. It’s like a jumble of snippets of songs. Quite vexing , really.

I got the “Little Inklings Design” 2022 Planner from Chelé as a Yule gift this year and have been putting its list-making abilities to good use. There is, among others, an alphabet challenge and a so-called #ReadingRainbowChallenge. That one is where you pick a book based on the color of the book jacket/cover.

Image is of a spiral bound planner open to a page that reads “Genre Reading Challengeat the top with ten different genres with blank lines beneath each genre. Below that is a title saying “Reading Rainbow” Challenge with ten colors and space where book titles are written beneath each color.

I’ll be, hopefully, diving into 2022’s books here shortly.

Image is of a two page spread in a spiral bound planner that is titled “A to Z Challenge”. There is a line after each letter of the alphabet listed from A To Z with a book title and author written in two different colors of ink.

Anyway. Brain gremlins are loud. Even though I’m 600 experience points into the monthly Duolingo challenge and it’s only the second of January. I feel… like a failure? Like I’m doing something wrong. I mean, I’m sure I am in some respect, but I’m just feeling wrong-footed.

I’m going to try and get some sleep. Even if I don’t have work tomorrow, I would like to be well-rested enough to be productive.

Take your meds, folks!

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