Of Paper and Pizza

13,339 Days Alive

854 Days Straight on Duolingo

1 Book Read So Far in 2022

I finished reading the fist book of the year today. Review will be up shortly before I go to bed or tomorrow morning. The book was Year One by Nora Roberts. It’s Letter Y on the Read the Alphabet Challenge.

The story is an interesting one and all the more relevant because of COVID. Magic comes back, but not all is well and it’s an apocalyptic hellscape with some bright spots of humanity.

Poor Fen had an awful day. Their car wouldn’t start this morning. One of their paramours, M, helped to jump start it. Hopefully it’ll hold up for a while yet.

I made a frozen pizza and salad for dinner tonight. Shouldn’t have had that second piece of pizza as now I’m uncomfortably full. But I had a too-big plate of salad as well because I was ravenous. Comes from barely eating during the day. I had coffee and goldfish crackers for lunch. I don’t know why I didn’t drink my meal shake.

I video-chatted with J this evening after dinner. We gave one another tarot readings: then with theWild Unknown deck, me with the Osho Zen Deck I’ve favored since first taking up tarot back in 1999.

I’m still working on the Turquoise Throw for Aunt and Uncle Gator. I’m about to start the next color change, so I need to figure out if I’m making one big square or three smaller squares and then going around those. I dunno.

I can’t believe it’s 2022 already. I didn’t have a recipe on the first. I’m going to bump it to the fifth or something just to get back in track.

Anyway, I’m going to write up the review and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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