Of Chilly Weather and Congestion

13,359 Days Alive

I’m out of my allergy medicine and can’t get more till I get paid on Friday. So I’ve got a constant sinus headache. Which sucks.

I ran out Saturday and have been feeling the effects since. I’m also out of my ozempic, which sucks. Two weeks now I’ve been without it.

I’m trying so hard to stay up a bit later tonight, but I may just call the game on account of metaphorical rain and go the hell to bed.

Toby is coming over tomorrow! I have to message them and see what time they think they’ll be here. We’re going to have veggie grilled nachos. I’m excited.

In other news, I’m less than two weeks behind at work, I’m hoping to catch up even faster tomorrow.

Work is so frustrating lately. I’m always one step or more behind.

Yeah, I think I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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