Of Cleaning and Creating

13,358 Days Alive

1,597 Words in Chapter Five of Crows at the Crossroads

2 Grocery Stores Visited

1 Lackluster Piece of Tres Leches Cake Eaten

I’ve gotten more writing done today, and laundry, and cleaning! I drove home from J and Bill6’s place before noon today.

After Fen and I got done grocery shopping, we made a meal plan for the week and cleaned out the fridge. We had stuff in there from… well, let’s just say “from a while ago”. I still had almond cookie icing from Christmas at Chelé’s and that’s nearly a month gone ago!

I need to plot out my store for Crows at the Crossroads. I have a vague sense of where I want to take the story. But I also sort of, kind of, vaguely watched the first Harry Potter movie today and realized there are some massive holes in it.

For example: Harry and Hagrid go shopping for things on Harry’s birthday. And any good Potterhead could tell you, that’s “as the seventh month dies”. Aka: July 31st. But! In the movie, Harry get on the train to Hogwarts the same day! I could flip a table I feel so silly for not having noticed it before. Because term starts in September! What the hell does he do for August? So I now have to figure out this little plot hole and use it to my advantage. Also, I need to figure out who the villain is. In the books, it’s Quirrell and Voldemort. I think it will stay as such.

I spent the weekend at J and Bill6’s house. Bill6 made butter chicken last night and it was amazing. It makes me want to make it myself. He added chickpeas and zucchini to it and it was delicious! I should try to make tikka masala or butter chicken for Fen and I sometime soon.

Mentally… I am not doing great. I am trying. I swear I am. I’m taking my meds and eating and hydrating. Showering and brushing my teeth. Everything is just so… much lately.

I just have to keep gently pushing myself. Not to the point of burn out, nor the point of illness. But still, to keep therapy and doctor appointments and the like.

Anyway, I’m going to go have a cup of tea before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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