Of Sausage and Short-Circuts

13,385 Days Alive

900 Days Straight on Duolingo

J came over today. We were trying to save money by buying groceries rather than going out to eat. It… didn’t work. Inflation is real.

And the oven stopped working. In a dangerous way. We still have the microwave and the stovetop. But our oven is toast due to an internal issue. Which sucks because I was going to make stuffed mushrooms.

I can’t believe I hit 900 days on Duolingo. I need to push and challenge myself a little more, but I’m still struggling with gramatical basics at times.

We went to the witchy store today. It was fun. I got to pet one of the store cats. We sage smoked the house, rang a silver bell, lit candles, and burned incense once we got back to my place. Oh, and read tarot cards, specifically the Botanica deck.

After much effort, we finally got the painting hung that J gave me, an acrylic on wood piece that they named Florida Water. It’s one of my favorites and I’ve been wanting it for years now. J also bought me a beautiful pink lipstick for Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to switch my writing focus from fanfic to original fiction for a while. Not tonight, because it’s almost bloody midnight. But in the near future.

I’m going to head to bed. It’s been a long day and I have plans with Sparrow tomorrow morning that I need to actually get up at seven to handle.

Take your meds, folks.

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