Of Spaghetti and Screw Ups

13,384 Days Alive

899 Days Straight on Duolingo

1 Screwed Up Dinner

I messed up dinner. There was no saving it. Next time, two jars of sauce or something.

I tried to make spaghetti and red sauce in the Instant Pot. And the recipe I used was borked. In so much that the pasta to water to red sauce ratio was off and thus ruined a full pound of spaghetti and a jar of red sauce and our last eleven turkey meatballs.

Maybe next time I’ll make the sauce from scratch or something. Or use two jars. But I’m very disappointed in myself and in the recipe because it ruined dinner.

No amount of watching British Bake-Off helped me retain what little good humor I had about me this evening to begin with.

I’m in pain. My head is still hurting. My body is in rebellion again to the point where I’m wondering if I need to up my meds to keep me functioning.

This entire week has been one massive disappointment.

I did get Chapter Five of Crows at the Crossroads back from my editor. Not too bad this time. I’ll be posting it on Sunday, I hope.

I have plans Sunday with Sparrow. Tomorrow… I don’t know. Laundry, cleaning, more writing? Gods knows I can’t go out because of how tight money is. Ugh.

I’m going to do some more Duolingo and then go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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