Of Cramps and Chicken

13,421 Days Alive

935 Days Straight on Duolingo

I got to have hot wings for dinner. Which is good because I kinda forgot to eat lunch.

In my defense, there was a sleeping cat in my lap, as well as crocheting, and I myself had fallen asleep.

But I did have breakfast, this morning, with Bill6 and J, the former of which is currently experiencing the delight that is known as “a birthday”. I took them out to dinner last night for red meat and laughter.

We tried to play Hive, a turn-based tile game that is rather like Go in that you can only lay down pieces in certain manners. I dunno, it was fun but the kitchen was on their game to the point where we didn’t get to finish before our food showed up. J would have stomped me anyhow, I’m sure, as I’m not good at chess-like games. I enjoy them, but I don’t often win.

I worked more on my acrylic piece, tentatively titled Lillium, this afternoon with some painting time with Fen. Check my Instagram for art, Hook_Of_The_Witch, for it and other crafty crazes I cycle through.

Also, as I can no longer support the Harry Potter franchise due to JK Rowling’s terfy views, Sundays will be Spock-centered days for images.

Anyway, it’s ten p.m. and I am abed and ready to sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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