Of Cat Cuddles and Crochet

13,482 Days Alive

995 Days Straight on Duolingo

1 Blanket FINISHED!!!

The star blanket I finished this evening is going to my dear friend, Chelé. It’s a nicely sized lapghan to keep her warm.

Spock loves it, too, especially since it means I am home and in my chair crocheting now that Xypher tested negative for Covid.

I can’t imagine what the last week would have been like if not for Cleo and their kindness of opening their home to me. I’m so grateful to them.

I’m also glad to be home, in all honesty. I missed my kitty cat something awful. Even though I made friends with Cleo’s mom’s cat… whose name I ought to remember. But I don’t. Oh well. He’s a rag doll and a shy, sweet boy. I know that much.

Today was a super productive day at work. I got so many things done. But I had way too much caffeine in the form of coffee.

I’ve been fairly good about taking my adderall on the regular, even though I feel guilty for needing it, somehow.

I’ve got one last therapy session with Mx. Steph coming up in a few weeks. And it’s seven weeks till the move. I need to pare down some of my clothing. Need to get it all bloody washed first, honestly.

Anyway, I’m kinda tired, kinda wired. Going to go listen to Enya on my Bluetooth enabled beanie to get some good sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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