Of Dentists and Disappointment

13,489 Days Alive

I’m so annoyed.

This morning, I left work at half past eleven to go to the dentist to get my permanent crown put in. Except, I get there, get prepped, and then told it never came in.

It was supposed to come in yesterday but didn’t. And then it was supposed to come in today, before my noon appointment. They never called me to let me know of the delay. And then! Wanted to charge me for services not rendered.

Some bullshit that was.

Otherwise, my day was good. Work went well. I’m caught up on most of my work.

I get to spend time with Cleo tomorrow! We’re going to do her hair all mermaid-y!! And hopefully we won’t get too slammed with rain with this tropical storm.

Sarcasm: Hooray hurricane season 2022.

Anyway, I’m off to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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