Of Cats and Closures

13,499 Days Alive

8.1 A1C !!

Man. It was $47.50 to fill up my tank today. Fucking hell.

It makes me scared that I won’t be able to make the move. Or that I’ll be out of money when I get there.

I went to my doctor appointment today. Lost some weight, lowered my A1C another .9 points, got my meds refilled. And talked to the Doc about the ridiculous fatigue I’ve been facing.

He wants to order a sleep study, but I don’t know if that will work with the current timing of everything. We’ll see.

I’m talking to this new queer person, Bianco, and they are really nifty. We gamed together this evening, played Lords of Waterdeep. They won by a good twenty or thirty points. My own fault for taking so much corruption in game.

There’s a massive storm cell over Chicago, where they are, so our gaming was cut short by their losing power, unfortunately. I’m hoping to play again, maybe rope J or Bill6 or one of the others that I usually game with. I’m hoping to introduce them to Board Game Arena to play even more games!

I’m… feeling lonely in a crowd again. I miss J, miss Bill6, and Britt, and Jason. But it’s almost my birthday, so I’m not shocked. I always seem to get a little sad around my birthday.

I am proud of myself that I got my A1C so far down without actually doing much beyond trying to make better choices and actually eating more often.

I’m going to go talk to Bianco some more before bed, try some punny jokes or something so at least one of us is smiling.

Take your meds, folks.

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