Of Games and Giggles

13,500 Days Alive

3 Matches Played on Team Fight Tactics

1 Small Cup of Flan Eaten

I need a new computer mouse. Mine died and the Bluetooth fob is gone -poof-.

Bianco and I played several rounds of a new-to-me chess-like game called Team Fight Tactics. They were very patient with my questions. We played for nearly two and a half hours after dinner this evening.

Dinner was a poor attempt at a quick, boxed jambalaya. It wasn’t nearly as good as what Reffie made. I need to beef up the recipe next time. And, unfortunately, we were completely out of hot sauce after only a few dashes to the pot! Sad day.

I’m really looking forward to meeting Bianco after the move. There’s this café up by them that we’re planning to visit sometime. I’m not sure that I’m the anchor partner they’re looking for, but I really like to talking with them.

Speaking of really like: I get to see Cleo again this weekend! We’re going to try going to Kaleisia again to get work done. I am hopeful that I’ll get done actual writing done as well as get to see them!

I need to go appease the Duolingo owl before I go to sleep.

Mentally… I’m trying not to become manic from stress. Xypher is super stressed and just now starting to feel like themselves again. It’s just a mess all around.

I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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