Of Birthdays and Backaches

13,507 Days Alive

Today is my roommate’s birthday. Xypher is out to dinner with their family this evening. So it’s just Spock and I knocking around the apartment.

My birthday is in six days. I at least want to go out to dinner, and maybe to a certain speakeasy, but I also don’t want to over-stretch myself on a work night.

I’ve been so tired lately. I should be gaming with Bianco, playing some TFT, but my head doesn’t want to stare at a screen any longer than I absolutely have to today.

I’ve got less than three weeks to find a job. I’m scared. Apprehensions abound, honestly, and I’m worried I’m not going to land on both feet in Chicago.

But I have faith. Things will work out, somehow.

I just have to keep going. Start packing. Just keep swimming.

I’m going to go read.

Take your meds, folks.

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