Of Music and Misery

13,508 Days Alive

13 Additional Applications Put In

I… am a prideful creature. I despise asking for help. But I had to, to make my next steps.

I’m worried. I have a temporary landing place, but really would like to live and work in The City itself. Bianco and I would get along quite well, I think. And I haven’t heard from Angel in a few days. Makes me worry she doesn’t want me as a roommate.

That could be rejection sensitivity or paranoia that everyone secretly hates me or something. Except a select few. Reffie, J, Bill6, Chelé, Xypher; I know they love me. But others? Eh… not so much.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I get to see Chelé on Sunday! I have to give them their blankie and the jewelry armoire. I really hope they like them both.

I’m struggling mentally lately. This week is just been exhausting and full of migraine pain. I’m really going to try and power through tomorrow as best I can.

I’m going to listen to some Celtic Woman music before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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