Of Migraines and Missed Shifts

13,588 Days Alive

1 4.5 Hour Shift Missed

I was so run down today. I couldn’t sleep last night, barely slept this morning, and managed a nap with hydroxyzine and Imatrex this afternoon.

The screen hurt my eyes and makes me nauseous. I’m hydrated. It might be caffeine withdrawal, as I’m trying to get away from taking caffeine pills to function. I’m going to try taking one and go to bed, see if it help.

At least there’s no halo. I am so thankful for that.

I made boxed jambalaya for dinner tonight. Made me think of Reffie, as they are the one that turned me on to that particular meal.

Spock is ever-so-slightly limping on one of his front paws/legs; he won’t let me touch his paws to see if maybe a stray something got stuck in there. I will check in the morning if it persists. Could just be sore from playing too much? Or maybe when I trimmed his claws a fragment got stuck in between his toe beans? We’ll see come morning.

I haven’t the spoons to fight with a 17 pound cat.

I’m for bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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