Of Popcorn and Pucker Up

13,589 Days Alive

1 New Movie Watched in Theaters

I went to see a movie with DGee, a new friendI met through Facebook dating. Only problem? He’s hypersexual and rather… resistant to my asexual.

At one point today, I thought he was going to try and kiss me! Not down for it. Nice person; bought the movie tickets and I bought popcorn/drinks. But I felt no… zing? Attraction? Anything. I feel bad, but that’s just how I’m wired.

We ate a large popcorn, which is ridiculous in size, between the two of us. We went to see The Invitation. I quite enjoyed the movie.

I’m not sure I want to see DGee again before establishing some boundaries.

I’d absolutely go see the movie again.

I made chili and corn spoon bread for dinner tonight. I am pleasantly full right now, chatting with Mellon before I bunk down for the night.

I’m going to go appease the Duolingo owl. I’m still in the shadow of this damn migraine. Anyway. I’m for bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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