Of Spires and Spock

13,613 Days Alive

7 Rounds of Combat in Slay the Spire’s Boss Battle Before I Died

My pretty boy is snoring again. Methinks the weather change is screwing with his allergies.

It was really nice out today. I got to sleep in a bit; as I had a mid shift today: eleven to seven. Tomorrow and Friday is ten to six.

I’m really loving the new job. But damn do I need a foot massage after working a week straight. Ugh.

Three more days till Mellon gets here for the weekend! I’m pretty excited. Two more days till I get paid! My first paycheck from Chicago Costumes.

Work was really interesting today. I got to help a VIP customer pick out their costume for the colonizer holiday parade. Not something I care to celebrate, but dressing someone up as Queen Isabella of Spain was fun. No, I will not share pictures, but the teenager looked super nice in the outfit we picked out.

I think I’m going to head to bed early. I’ve got to be up and out in less than twelve hours. No four hours to fall asleep nonsense tonight, please.

Take your meds, folks.

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