Of Dollars and Delays

13,659 Days Alive

109 Miles Driven Today

Well, I have Peggy, my car, back from the mechanic’s again. I parked her somewhere safe so she hopefully won’t get her catalytic converter stolen again.

I got to see Mellon today! We went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was pretty good. I really, really like them.

We talked about communication styles and emotional needs. I talked about my struggles with my mental health and he opened up about his. We still agree doing dishes sucks. Heh.

The train back to Chicago was 45 minutes late. I only just got home a little while ago. Totally had a sliver of pumpkin pie to eat, with some whipped cream.

Gotta take my meds and head to bed. I have work tomorrow. Spock was quite upset I was home so late. Bianco was already abed by the time I got home.

Maybe I’ll make some jambalaya for dinner tomorrow? I’ve got bell pepper, jalapeño, celery, onion, and garlic. May as well use it!

Take your meds, folks!

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