Of Worrying and Walking

13,710 Days Alive

Well, today I met my coworker Dee. I’m not sure she likes me much, but that’s a her problem not a my problem.

I work a closing shift tomorrow. Nine am to five pm; which means I get to sleep in quite a bit. I don’t have to be up till eight am. That will be nice.

Tonight was just spent fooling around with Mellon. Nothing exciting. We skipped dinner in favor of cuddles and some munchies before bed.

I’m doing okay, mentally. I like my job and I’ve already got the jump on scheduling for the end of the month/beginning of next month. I got to sit in on interviews today. Neither candidate was a solid yes, and the third didn’t even bother to show up. How rude.

I need to go through my resource page again sometime soon. Some of the info is outdated. I also need to knock out some reading for today, to keep my Kindle reading streak.

Speaking of streak, I’ve got to go appease the Duolingo owl before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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