Of Corn and Crocheting

13,730 Days Alive

1235 Days Straight on Duolingo

4 Rows Worked on J’s Monochromatic Blanket

We had potato tacos for dinner tonight; with freshly made pico, a lime sour cream sauce, and spiced black beans with corn. So good!

I didn’t sleep for shit last night. I was in so much pain. Stupid uterus in rebellion. Only a few more days till I have insurance again and I’m so glad for it. It’s been a month of this shit and I’m over it.

I’m going to be doing a writing challenge over on my alternate blog, the one focused more on books and writing: TheodoraVanyar.Wordpress.com. I haven’t posted much, but hope to do daily updates on there through February as I try to write a hundred words a day for the month of February.

I’m not doing too great. I was in so much pain today I was afraid to eat. Lest I just sick it up when the pain spikes; I was a solid eight for most of the day and it took three rounds of pain meds to dull it to a more manageable level.

In good news, I got a few rows in to J’s Monochromatic Blanket. It’s such an interesting pattern.

I’m going to go take my meds and crawl into bed.

Don’t forget to take your meds, folks.

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