Of Fig Sauce and Finally

13,729 Days Alive

2 Games of Magic: the Gathering Played Today

I won a game with my mono white Angel Commander deck today! I’m not all that concerned with winning when I play M:TG, but it was nice to win.

I lost the second game, but it’s my own fault. Meh. I like playing, but need to get better.

I made the balsamic fig chicken meal from HelloFresh for dinner tonight. It was really good.

I need to go to bed here shortly. I get to sleep in till six am tomorrow, so that’s nice.

I started J’s Monochromatic Blanket this morning. I’m only on the first row, but I’m looking forward to seeing it come together.

I’m a little anxious today. Dunno why. Otherwise, I’m all right, I guess.

I’m going to sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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