Of Pizza and Paczki

13,724 Days Alive

533 Total Words Written for #FictionFebruary

Apparently, something called “paczki” are popular in my new area around this time of year. I have no idea what they are other than some sort of donut? But they look good.

I resisted the siren call of the Bakery department at work, except for work-related purposes today. That includes a lovely pumpkin pie that was on markdown. But! Better choices needed to be made.

Today was supposed to be my day off. And I was supposed to close tomorrow. However, I get to open and maybe stay late, depending on how busy we are. I stayed half an hour late today just because we were behind.

Hopefully it wasn’t too bad after I left.

Mellon knocked out after they got off work. I don’t think they’re getting back up. And I’m already exhausted despite the slight nap I got this afternoon. So, I think I’m going to go read for a bit and head to bed. Five am comes early whether I like it or not!

Happy Imbolc, by the way. And take your meds, folks.

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