Of Chinese Food and Children

13,797 Days Alive

1 Birthday Party to Attend Tomorrow

Happy Full Moon!

I get to meet more of Mellon’s family tomorrow! It’s their niblings’ birthday party, kids Axe and Opal. It will be interesting.

I’ve been told I can bring my crocheting, so that should be fine. Hopefully Mellon’s ma will be there. She’s…. An interesting character, but I enjoy speaking with her. His sister, whose name will not stay in my head for some reason, seems nice. A little… chaotic, but nice. I think she has untreated mental health issues. But so does Mellon.

I’m worried about Mellon. His depression is kicking his ass lately. But hopefully, he’ll come out the other side of this downswing soon. All I can do is gently support him right now.

Mentally, I was exhausted this afternoon, so I took a nap after work. Ended up staying home from a trip to the local Magic: The Gathering shop, Fantasy Games.

We’re playing our Friday night game of Pathfinder. I’m playing Jaylin, my lawful evil human rogue, who likes to sneak and stab things.

Knock on wood, I’m rolling fairly well. Not fantastic, but pretty well.

Worked today. Busy as hell at work and everyone is disheartened that I’m leaving. My last day is in six days, Thursday the 13th. Charisse in the Bakery was happy for me, though. As was our Facilities lady, Annette. I’ll miss them, at least. But I’ll still shop there after I quit, so I’ll still get to see them.

Anyway, Jaylin needs to go stab some zombos. Yes, I mean Zombies. I just like saying “zombos”.

Take your meds, folks.

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