Of Packs and Pleasant Weather

13,811 Days Alive

2 M:TG Packs Cracked

1 Amaretto Ice Cream Cone Eaten

Today was a good day. I passed all the exams at work I had to take this week. With an 80% as my lowest score.

Work has gone really well; I’ve taken so many notes for all the training. I bought a pretty notebook and a few pens for work. I need to get a keyboard for work. Might get this set from Amazon to bring to work. I need a headset, mouse, and keyboard and any of those colors are awesome.

Mellon and I met up after work today at the house, heading out to the game store to pick up some booster packs. Then we grabbed some food and headed home.

My weekend plans include dishes, laundry, and snuggling Mellon. Their brain gremlins are loud lately.

I’m actually doing pretty well, brain gremlin-wise. In pain more than usual, but it’s whatever.

I’m off to cuddle Mellon and get loved on by my cat.

Take your meds, folks.

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