Of Tiles and Travel

13,827 Days Alive

121 Miles Driven in the Dark, Rainy Night

5 Games of Mahjong Played

2 Games of Mahjong Won!

1 Plate of Nachos Eaten

I had nachos for dinner at a Denny’s with Mellon outside of Michigan City, Indiana at half past midnight this morning.

It was good, and good company, but not the best reason to be there.

You see… We went to see my cousin, Wixor, on Friday night. It didn’t go well. Mellon and Wixor are two very different people. Wix might be an alcoholic? I’m not sure. But he and Mellon didn’t get along and some of Wix’s behavior made both of us extremely uncomfortable.

Yesterday in general was a clusterfuck of epic proportions. It’s a private matter, I’ll admit, so I won’t go into full details. But it bears mentioning because I got so emotionally overwhelmed I cried and had to nap a headache away today. I’m so disappointed because I really wanted Mellon and Wixor to get along. But an abrasive personality I am used to doesn’t jive with Mellon’s and that’s okay. I just won’t have them in a social situation together.

It made me miss my brother. And my cousins from mom’s side. I can’t wait for them to meet Mellon. I think he’d really like them. Wixor isn’t a blood cousin, but he is like family. So I’m very disappointed that everything happened like this.

I’m going to crochet and spend time with Mellon.

Take your meds, folks.

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