Weird, Wonderful Wednesday

12,353 Days Alive

7,364 Books to Read

16 Hours Awake and Counting

5 Sunflowers

1 Strange Accomplishment

Did y’all know I’m a recovered vegetarian? While I was homeless, or in a state of weird mental spiral, I exerted what control I could over my life, mainly, by not eating meat. And after the thing with the chickens, I couldn’t eat bone in without nausea and disgust.

Apparently one anxiety overrode another today and I was able to consume chicken off the bone without getting ill from it. Quite the accomplishment, however strange it may be.

It was Administrative Assistant Day today and work was amazing about it! Surprised us with lovely gifts, flowers, and said fried chicken for lunch!

Sunflowers are so lovely and strange.

I knocked out another of Kola’s squares tonight. I need to get hands on a blocking board to get going on that. Forty squares won’t block themselves! Makes me wish I had a pegboard set up or something.

Anyway, to unwind before bed, I turned to a new coloring book.

I will have to look into this artist and see if they have more books out. Not all the pages are this cool, but I’ll work through them all in time.

Need sleep. Waiting for meds to kick in.

Hydrate, you weird, walking meatbags. And take your meds.

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