Productive, Rainy Saturday

12,713 Days Alive

1 Row Left on DW’s Blanket

Today was a lovely, simple day.

It started off with a rainy morning, which was lovely. I love a good morning thunderstorm! I crocheted most of the day, with Peanut keeping me company.

Spent most of the day trying not to nap. I didn’t sleep well last night unfortunately. I hope to sleep better tonight because I’ve had a massive headache all day.

Steph made a lovey dinner for the house this evening. Fried riced cauliflower and pork lettuce wraps. So good.

Mentally… I don’t feel like running into traffic, so I guess that’s good. I’m tired and headaches, as I said. Almost feels like a crying headache, but I haven’t been crying.

Also, my blood sugar has been running low? Like, in the seventies and eighties. I’ve been craving chocolate like a madwoman.

I’m gonna go stretch out for the night.

Take your meds, folks.

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