Accomplished Sunday

12,714 Days Alive

1 Book Finished and Reviwed

1 Blanket Finished!

I finally did it! I finished DW’s Blanket!!

I started it (for a seventh or eighth time) back in May of 2019.

Peanut helping keep it warm whilst I stretch my hands and wrists, May 2019.

It grew quickly, but as it grew, it took longer and longer to finish a round of color.

Peanut observing

Still, it was a labor of love and I’m glad it’s done! Now I can work on the other projects I need to finish, like Lex’s Wedding Blanket.

Had to shoo both cats away to take this picture.

I’m very proud of myself! It’s another 2020 Goal scratched off the list before my birthday!

COVID-19 isn’t a good thing. But at least my friends and I are adapting to things like Skype to see each other. I was on the line with J when I finished it. I’m seriously ecstatic about it.

Mentally, I’m okay. I’m tired, but that’s because of all the nightmares last night. I don’t remember them, clearly at least, but it woke me up several times. But okay. I got to have leftover tacos for lunch and dinner, so that was nice.

I finished reading One Good Knight today and will probably start Fortune’s Fool tomorrow.

My blood sugar was one hundred this evening, even after a thing of mandarin oranges. So that’s good.

I’m gonna head to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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