Rainy, Busy Monday

12,715 Days Alive

1 Great Thunderstorm

It was terrifically rainy this morning! Lovely, sleepy weather.

Work was slammed today with mail, incoming and outgoing, and I kind of feel like I’m drowning in this short week.

But I also think I can get through this week successfully and get through the divorce hearing on Thursday afternoon without falling to pieces. I’m still sad about it. But I have a lot of friends supporting me. And both Steph and Tink are being supportive in their own ways. I even got hugs over the weekend from them!

I was going to say that I didn’t do anything productive this afternoon when I got off work, but I’ve done a load and a half of laundry! And I played Tetris, which was fun.

I have a cat on my hip right now. Heh. Peanut is perched atop Mount Theo.

I’m going to go read and unwind before bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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