Chinese Food and Cookies

12,754 Days Alive

8 Crab Rangoon Eaten

2 Cookies Eaten

1 Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted Me

Today was a day. Work went well, though I was slammed. I’m still struggling a bit but it will get better. I think my mind was still half on Spock today so my focus kept wandering.

Spock seems to be doing well. He isn’t as lethargic as he was and is on the mend. We still don’t know what is wrong with him or why his liver enzymes were not good. I just can’t afford to run exhaustive testing on him. So we’re doing symptom control, with medications that are almost $100 a month, with pills for his liver.

And boy, is trying to give a cat a pill an interesting experience. Spock clawed the hell out of me but Steph was able to get him to take the pill by whatever magic experience has gifted her.

After that metaphorical war was won, I did the dinner run. Tonight was Chinese food from a place called Top China. I think I ate too much. Or my menstrual cycle is running me over.

I tried to crochet while watching the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race with Tink but my heart wasn’t in it. Spoilers not included for those that haven’t had a chance to watch.

Instead, I wanted to play with my new tarot cards. I bought myself the Weaver Ascension deck for my birthday. It’s basically a holographic, gold foiled version of the Rider Waite tarot deck, but a hell of a lot prettier. Maybe I’ll get around to making those tarot bags one of these days to house all the decks I have.

After Chinese food, Drag Race, and an empty fortune cookie, Steph and Tink went out to Cookie Munchers for us for some dessert. I got a red velvet cookie and a disappointing s’mores cookie. I bought dessert since Tink bought dinner. I even got to have an A&W root beer with dinner tonight.

I’m a little sugar high but completely exhausted by this week. And it’s after eleven. So I’m going to head to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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