Toasty Tuesday

12,796 Days Alive

3 Days Without AC at Work

It wasn’t as terrible today at work. It was warm but stayed under eighty in the office.

Wearing shorts helped, honestly.

Beyond that, I slept terribly last night. I woke up at two and three and four and had a bitch of a time staying asleep until 6:30 when my alarm went off.

I did manage to get through the day without a caffeine pill or a soda. And I surpassed my call goal and got everything done I wanted to. So, all in all a good day. Minus getting nauseated from the heat near the end of the day. But I made sure to stay hydrated, so it wasn’t as bad as yesterday.

I’m so glad we have Friday off. Not only because of the whole broken AC thing, but because Hamilton will be streaming on Friday! I’ve wanted to see it for so long and thought I would never get a chance to do so.

Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. I have no clue what I’m going to write but I’m aiming for 50,000 words. I’ll figure it out, I guess.

In other creative things, I’m about two thirds the way through Cousin Kay’s blanket. I may have leftover yarn, so maybe I’ll make a matching beanie for her as well? I think it would be cool.

I got to use Kevin the Kettle again this evening. I needed something sweet so I made a massive cup of salted caramel tea. I’m still so thankful for the gift of the kettle that Reffie gave me. It makes it better to unwind after a difficult day like today.

Mentally, I’m not doing too great. Spock literally took a shit on Steph’s side of the bed for some reason. He seems to be acting out. But I can’t figure out why. He’s never done this before he got sick. His follow up appointment is on the ninth. My resident cat expert said to basically not let him keep doing it but I’m not sure how to go about it.

I’m depressed again. And mildly anxious. Which is an annoying combination. I’m exhausted and brimming with self-loathing. It doesn’t help that it feels like I’m stuck on the outside as of late. Like no one really needs me around. Not necessarily that they don’t want me every now and again, but that I’m not needed by anyone. I’m replaceable. Disposable.

But it’s whatever. I’ll talk to Vickie about it when I get around to scheduling an appointment. For now, I’m going to go crochet.

Take your meds, folks.

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