Simple, Cinematic, Saturday

12,797 Days Alive

4 Way Chat Call

3 Movies Watched

1 Broken Dryer

I watched three awesome movies today. Twister was first up. I consider it a classic.

Then, to keep up with feel-good action, I watched Stardust. I’ve read the book, and I think I have it to Linna before she moved away to Georgia last month.

Then, to cap off my night before a surprise of Chinese food and a Cookie Munchers cookie, red velvet of course, I watched Labyrinth.

Since the dryer is broken, I’m going out to do a load of laundry tomorrow. I’m bringing my laptop since I just purchased a Scrivener license code I can organized all my crap offline and get writing better.

I worked on Cousin Kay’s blanket. I’m on the second to last skein of yarn and I’ve been crocheting like a machine today while watching my movies. It was nice to decompress from the insanity of this week and with Charlie gone at work.

I’m feeling really lonely today, which is why I watched movies. Steph and Tink went out for the day and came home and offered Chinese food which was awesome.

I’m mid-game and voice chat with Jason and Brit up in Ohio, our game-friend Dave, Bill6, and J. It’s really fun. It’s a game called Lords of Water Deep and it’s a turn based D&D resource game. So I’m going to keep playing.

Take your meds, folks.

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