Laundry on a Sunday

12,798 Days Alive

651 Days Posting in a Row

320 Day Streak on Duolingo

There are so many little victories I can celebrate today.

My knee only dislocated once in my sleep last night. Which, I admit, doesn’t sound like much of a victory. But when you have a seventeen pound cat that likes to sleep on your lower extremities, it can be a very painful situation and rather tricky to navigate.

Another small victory is that I only woke up three times and once was just before my alarm went off at six thirty. So that was pretty groovy.

Yet another is my streak on Duolingo. I’ve switched to Esperanto and I’m really enjoying it.

So. Unfortunately, our dryer is broken at the apartment and they haven’t fixed it as of yet. A friend offered use of their washer and dryer. So that’s how I spent my Sunday: doing a load of laundry and writing. Related to the above because writing! I’m sitting at 1,681 words as of right now. And hey, I guess doing laundry can count as a small victory.

That’s more of a big victory for me as it’s a story I’ve been researching for a literal nine years. I think I have everything down that I’m going to get down without telling the actual story itself.

I’m working on two original stories right now, actually. The nine year old one, Moral Fable, and the one year old one, Midnight Calls. They’re wildly different. One is more epic hero’s journey with magic and queer protagonists abounding. The other is a blatantly queer urban fantasy. Like Dresden Files sort of vibe, but make it feminist and queer as hell. And throw in a naga for funsies.

On the downside, I’m fighting a massive depressive streak right now. I ache without end. Which probably means I need to get back into yoga. I’ve let it fall by the wayside and I shouldn’t. I know that it helps me retain flexibility and keep me from getting too fibro-stiff.

Accomplishing something today really helped with the general feeling like garbage. And starting, really starting, on Moral Fable feels like a step in the right direction.

For now, I’m going to play around on Duolingo before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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