Monday Morning Heat

12,799 Days Alive

I don’t have many spoons today. It’s just an exhausting day, though not a “bad” day.

I’m feeling some serious lows right now and I’m actively struggling with it.

I feel lonely.

And worried about my car and finances.

And frustrated about the still-broken air conditioning at work. It got back up to eighty today and it was dreadfully uncomfortable in the office. Add to that our only scanning machine is down, it makes for a very frustrating day.

I’m still suicidal. And that particular mental radio station seems to be stuck on loud as of late.

But there’s nothing I can do but keep going. Always forward. I’ve got my Camp NaNoWriMo work to do and Cousin Kay’s blanket to finish.

I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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