Tea and Therapy

12,814 Days Alive

1 Cup of Sea Salt Caramel Tea Consumed

So I had therapy today. I feel like I’m emotionally through the wringer.

I don’t have a lot of spoons, honestly, but basically we talked about my anxiety and triggers for said issue. A lot of it stems from being homeless in my teens and early twenties. I mean, we were always moving in my life. It was a rootless childhood and a lot of my issues, both Vickie and I think, come from that lack of stability. Add to it the various outright traumas I survived and it’s a miracle I made it to thirty five.

Vickie wants me to look into getting into school again. She wants to see me doing something that actively helps people, like being an RN or something in a psych ward. Because of my unique perspective from what I’ve gone through, I’d have experience beyond the textbook with what some people are dealing with.

She also thinks I’d be a good attorney. Now that I could more easily see. Not that it’s something I want to do, necessarily, but I could see it a lot easier than being an RN.

I’m looking forward to Lugh (Lammas)! It’ll be great to see Meg, J, and Bill6 again. It seems we’re getting together every six weeks or so in this COVID-craziness.

Well, I’m exhausted so I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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