Lammas/Lugh 2020

12,818 Days Alive

47 Point at Dinosaur Island

24 Roses Bought

6 Mini Muffins Eaten

2 Bowls of Chili

1 Tarot Card Reading from J

I didn’t sleep well last night. Woke up at four or so. I didn’t look at my phone, but it had to have been after three. I didn’t get back to sleep until my alarm went off at six thirty. Once I got to sleep, I slept like a rock.

Today was an interesting day, in the best way. I made cornbread, which unfortunately got a little overdone. Our oven runs hot and I didn’t account for it. But it was still edible and that’s what matters.

I had a Blue Hawaiian alcoholic slushie as well. One of those pouches you freeze and squish to break up. It was pretty good, but super sweet. I did like the coconut and pineapple flavors together. Maybe I’ll make a coconut cake with pineapple filling sometime?

My craving for muffins has been sated between the lemon poppy seed ones I had at Reffie’s last time I was over and the mini blueberry ones I had today. I think I’ll make blueberry muffins one of my recipes this year. I do love them so.

Bill6 was up late last night, prepping the chili to cook overnight in his crockpot. It was delicious, of course. I had two bowls of it and am still stuffed. He used black beans in it as well as two other kinds of beans. I do wish I’d had some hot sauce for extra kick, as I like mine hella spicy, but alas. I forgot my hot sauce at work. Oh well. I enjoyed the chili anyway.

We played Dinosaur Island today. It was a long game, but fun. Bill6 won by a damn landslide. Seventy something points to my forty-seven. Steph finished last, but only barely. It’s always nice to play a game.

I gifted all my fake flowers to Meg today. I haven’t touched them in months. And honestly, after crying over Chele’s nightmare snare and all the stress it caused, I won’t make another any time soon. Except for maybe Little Bee, if Mal and/or Bubbles asks.

J gave me a tarot card reading today. With, I believe, the Wild Unknown deck. This is the one. I really want to add it to my collection. It’s a beautiful deck and has gorgeous colorwork and line work in it. And I gave her one in return, first with my standby deck, the Osho Zen tarot. Then the Everyday Tarot that I’m still learning the ropes on. It’s a Rider Waite deck, which I was always super resistant to learn, for some reason. I just don’t like the aesthetic of the traditional Rider Waite. Too much primary color work and way too much yellow. Heh. Then, I busted out the deck I’ve barely touched since DW gave it to me: The Housewife Tarot. It’s a cute deck; also Rider Waite based. But retro fifties art work and vintage, washed out colors.

I’m nearly done with Cousin Kay’s blanket. Really, this time. I’m nearing the end of the skein. I think I’ll be done by next weekend. I hope, at least.

Spock has been helping with the blanket in his own way. I really will have to double wash this damn thing to get all the cat hair out. Ha! But I still hope that Cousin Kay likes it.

Oh! I bought myself two dozen various colored roses today. They were buy one-get one free at the local grocery. So now I have some pretty roses on the kitchen counter.

For all my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, Happy Imbolc/Candlemas! And for my fellow Northern Hemisphere friends, a bountiful harvest to you and Happy Lammas!

I’m off to appease the Duolingo owl and head to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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