Of Ghosts and Giggles

12,887 Days Alive

1 Cookie Eaten

Trigger warning: discussion of suicidal thoughts.

I’m exhausted. And really struggling tonight. The mental radio is stuck on the “no one wants you around, please kill yourself to lessen the inconvenience that you are” station.

I don’t know what spawned this latest downward tick. I had an okay day at work. I got to talk to MJ and finally got my chicken nuggets thanks to the kindness of MJ and wonders of technology. I got to hang out and spend time with a friend. I fixed the indicator light that came on my dash with some help. In related news, this car has a low tire pressure light.

I even got to watch stupid ghost hunting shows with said friend today! We made fun of the over reactive dudes on the program that kept at every noise like mice.

But I still feel… shattered. Raw. Angry at nothing. Saddened beyond measure. And I don’t know why.

I’m going to sleep in self defense.

Take your meds, folks.

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