Of Stones and Self-Reflection

12,903 Days Alive

3 Slices of Pepperoni and Black Olive Pizza

1 New Bullet Journal

Today was a busy day! I woke up to the ever so lovey Spock licking my head. And my day got better from there!

Fen and I, once up and dressed, went down to a coffee shop in Ybor City called The Blind Tiger. I got a Thai tea and espresso mix they call “a Dirty Thai-ger”. It’s the only drink I’ve tried on their menu, but my love for Thai tea in general assured I would like it. I also got a very hearty muffin that was banana and chocolate chip.

After that, we went a-wandering through Ybor. We saw a chicken literally cross the road. I tried to get video of it, but couldn’t. Oh well. We took some fun photos while down in Ybor.

Me down in Ybor.
Fen being their glorious self!

After our wandering, we went home and made some grilled cheese sandwiches. Sometimes it’s just the simple things in life like chomping down on a fresh from the pan grilled cheese while talking with your roommate.

I played a bit of WoW today; got my night elf Druid up to level nine or ten. It’s a fun game and I think I’m going to pay for the subscription when I get paid.

J was in the area today, running an errand, so she ended up coming over later in the afternoon.

First we went to We Rock Rocks, a local crystal store. It was so cool! I dropped about twenty bucks on three new meditation stones the size of my hand and a jar full of positive energy and creativity enhancing stones.

After that, we went to Michael’s, as one does on a Sunday drive. They had a sale on my favorite kind of frame: by one get two free! So I picked up a trio of 5×7 black frames with white mats.

And then! We did art!!

I did a planning sketch of a triptych I have wanted to do, which was why I bought the frames.

Planning sketch in black and white.

We had pizza for dinner, courtesy of Fen and their girlfriend Kimmie who was over. Delicious and enough that I can take some for lunch tomorrow for work.

We fooled around with tarot cards; a few different decks. The Ascension Weaver Tarot deck is beautiful but literally hard to read due to the holographic nature of the cards. But it got the point across. Even if I had to keep checking the meanings in the book. Then, I broke out the Goddess Tarot to give J another reading. It was fairly positive, if blunt. Most decks I work with are. J brought her Wild Unknown deck over. I want one so badly. I love the art style. It looks like a deck I would draw. She gave me a pair of readings.

One was a simple three card draw: something to accept, something to embrace, something to let go. It made me reflect after she left. I broke out my go-to deck, the Osho Zen, and tried to get a little more clarity. I think I’m going to start keeping a tarot journal in my bullet journal. Gods knows I have enough washi tape and stickers to get me though past the Roman New Year!

After J left, I broke out the pencils and pens and turned the draft sketch into an actual drawing:

From planning to execution.

I also found a few old unfinished pieces, like Flora:

Anyway, enough of my photos. I should go to bed. And so should anyone else who has work tomorrow.

Take your meds, folks!

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