Of Wishing and WoW

12,902 Days Alive

7 Levels in Warcraft

1 Old Habit Revived

So, I didn’t fall asleep until after six am this morning. I wished I had because I’ve had a headache all day from being sleep deprived.

I did manage a nap before MJ and I met up to run some errands in Brandon. We hit up Best Buy for some tech essentials and then we had Red Lobster for lunch. Yummy biscuits and good company. Though let it be known that I still don’t like Diet Pepsi. But the rest of the meal was enjoyable. Our server wasn’t very attentive, but we had time to talk so that was fine.

After lunch, we hit up the Causeway WalMart for some more necessities. I ended up with a $5 copy of The Curse of La Llorona. I saw it in theaters with Linna originally and quite enjoyed it. Maybe I can get MJ or Fen to watch it with me next time we have a movie night.

I should have had a lie down when I got home but I didn’t. I changed out of my dress into knock around clothes and screwed around on the internet rather than work on writing. I’ll hammer out the character sheets tomorrow.

I need sleep. Enough so that I’m going to bed after I post this, rather than stay up for another few hours playing World of Warcraft. I’ve not played since the Cataclysm expansion came out, and that was years ago. But the mechanics are the same and I’ve cottoned on pretty quickly that I’ll need a decent mouse if I want to play regularly. MJ asked me if I had a gaming headset; I can honestly say that I’ve never had one. But that’s a worry for later. I have headphones with a microphone so that should be sufficient if I really want to get into voice chat or something like that later on down the road.

Gods, my head is killing me. I should have worn shades today and I didn’t. I had a migraine for the better part of two days this week and I know better. Playing video games likely didn’t help. Nor staring at the bright television during dinner while Fen and I watched the movie Paranorman. Good, spooky and kooky movie. A Lakia Film and up there with Coraline in the favorites pile.

Mentally, I really pushed myself today. I’m feeling really wrung out for some reason and I’m glad tomorrow is Sunday. I’ll get a chance to recoup and recover a bit before I head back to work.

Anyway, I’m for bed. I’ve already appeased the Duolingo owl for the evening. So, as ever:

Take your meds, folks.

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