Of Cooking and Christmachanukwanzukabirthdasolstinewyearmas

12,915 Days Alive

4,000 Words on My NaNovel

1 Delicious Burger Eaten

Today, on the drive into work, they played a few Christmas songs. Only three, but it was enough to jog the Holly-Jolly spirit and make me start worrying about buying gifts or making them.

I still love my job but these past two weeks have been mega stressful so I am glad it’s the weekend.

We had freshly made burgers for dinner tonight. Fen cooked and made this awesome prepackaged meal box dinner for us. I think my favorite part was the burger with a slew of caramelized onions and the fresh chipotle aioli they made.

Chelé has been keeping a weather eye out for me for a heated blanket and came across one on sale at Target for fifty percent off! It’ll be my part of my Christmachanukwanzukabirthdasolstinewyearmas gifts. And yes, Christmachanukwanzukabirthdasolstinewyearmas is a word I have added to my phone because I dislike just saying “holiday”. Though anyone that tries to fight me on the whole saying “Happy Holidays” over a different holiday greeting will be flatly informed that I am Jewish. It was my one power move when I worked in retail that I could pull off. And actually saying Christmachanukwanzukabirthdasolstinewyearmas out loud is fun but difficult.

I really want to hit 20k on my story this weekend. Or at least 15k. Unless other plans interfere, I hope to spend most of tomorrow doing laundry and writing.

Other than that, MJ might be able to carve sometime out for me in the next few weeks, I hope.

I’m for bed. Take your meds, folks.

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