Of Crocheting and Civic Duty

12,918 Days Alive

10,232 Words In My NaNovel So Far

7 of 14 Lace Panels Done on Baby Bubble’s Blanket

1 Jury Summons

Now that Sparrow’s Seaside Blanket is finally done, I can work on the backlog of other projects I have. There isn’t that many, currently.

I have Baby Bubble’s Lace Panel Blanket that I am about halfway done with the blanket itself but still need to do an edging on it that is rather involved.

Baby Bubble’s Spring Green Lace Panel Blanket. Image is of a crocheted blanket in a pastel green spread put to show a lace repeating pattern.

Next on the list is Chelé’s Cloud Blanket that I really need to get cracking on. The yarn is I one I’ve never worked with before so it’s taking forever and a half to get it done, but I will.

And there’s Little Bee’s Baby Blanket that I’m making up the pattern as I go and it’s turning out fairly interesting.

I have the White Cotton Blanket for no one in particular. I was going to give it to Mel, but I might frog the whole thing and start over, honestly.

I also have my Therapy Blanket I’m making for my mother, whose birthday is tomorrow. Hi, mom.

I have a scrap blanket for myself I need to work on, but it’s at the bottom of the metaphoric priority list and the bottom of this literal list.

I have yarn enough for about a half dozen projects, including a blanket for MJ when I get around to it.

In other news, Fen made this amazing stir fry this evening from a free sample of a meal subscription box we got. It was awesome.

I also got a jury summons over the weekend. That’ll be interesting. I’ve never had to serve on a jury before. It’ll be interesting to see how the situation plays out and if I get chosen. I doubt I will, but it’ll be nice to be doing my civic duty as a citizen.

This evening, I broke ten thousand words in my NaNoWriMo project! I’m one-fifth the way there. Now i just have to keep it up and write every day, even if it’s only a little bit.

It’s getting to be tired o’clock and I’m running on about four hours of sleep so I’m going to go to bed now.

Tell me some of your accomplishments for the day!

And don’t forget: take your meds, folks.

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