Of Mania and Macaulay

15,087 Words on My NaNovel

12,925 Days Alive

2 Hours Spent Writing

1 Sleep Deprived Me

I’m in the middle of an anxiety-riddled, manic upswing. As of 9:30p.m EST tonight, I have been awake for thirty nine hours. And I’m not tired. Well, mentally I am exhausted but physically I feel like I could run a marathon.

I got some writing done on my lunch break at work today, since I couldn’t be trusted to nap because I wasn’t sure I would have been able to wake up if I had fallen asleep at my desk. So I worked on my NaNovel.

Fen and I had a lovely dinner and watched the first Home Alone movie with dinner. I forgot how much the incompetence of the adults raised my ire in that movie. But it was funny, when I could turn my brain off.

Anyway, I’ve not much else to say tonight. I’m going to go appease the Duolingo owl and go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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