Of Reading and Relaxing

15,487 Words on My NaNovel

12,926 Days Alive

I’m so tired still. I spent most of my down time after work reading instead of writing so I only added a few hundred words to my NaNovel today.

I finally slept last night but I’m working off a severe sleep deficit so I’m going to bed relatively shortly.

The weather was lovely today, what little I got to experience of it. I should have taken a walk at lunch.

Physically, I’m cramping like hell so I assume I’m about to be run over by my menstrual cycle. I feel physically exhausted. Like too little butter spread over too much toast. Or like an over wrung washcloth.

Mentally I’m not much better. My stupid brain is stuck in a negative down spin that makes e question pretty much everything.

I’m going to read some more.

Take your meds, folks.

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