Of Noodles and Naught

16,384 Words on my NaNovel

12,927 Days Alive

3 Breadsticks Eaten

2 Bowls of Pasta

1 Doctor’s Appointment

Well, I had my follow up with my psych doctor that prescribes my meds for me. No changes to my current prescriptions because I seem relatively stable.

Peter, my psych prescriber, wants me to get tested for ADHD. Which is laughable to me as I was diagnosed ADD back in the 90’s. Like, I know I have attention deficit disorder at the very least. I’d love to be on something that helps me focus. But Peter worries that it may make my anxiety spike. Well, we’ll see how things go. I have a follow up appointment on 16th December. The telehealth appointments are weird. Not bad, just odd.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Thursday already. This week is flying by. Next week will be interesting, for sure. I’m only off on Thursday, but there’s a half day on Friday, I think.

I broke 16,000 words in my NaNoWriMo project tonight. I’m still behind, but I’ll get there. The important thing is telling the story.

I’m working on the border for Baby Bubble’s blanket now. I might follow the pattern, might make something up. I’m not sure as of yet.

What I am sure of is that I’m glad I took my heartburn meds this evening. We had spaghetti with red sauce for dinner tonight. It was good, but I always worry about having heartburn after.

I’m headed to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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