Of Laughter and Lackadaisical

12,944 Days Alive

1 Barbie Dream House Re-Homed

So, when Fen and I first moved into the apartment, I needed a new bed frame. I ordered one from Amazon and waited for delivery. But, then, I got two packages instead of one!

By some strange Amazon error, I got a Barbie Dream House. Now, five year old Theo would have effing loved this thing. But… thirty-five year old Theo didn’t know what the hell to do with it. So I called Amazon, tried to return it. As I couldn’t prove that I received it from Amazon beyond the tag on it, the nice woman told me to find a good home for it.

For a while, that was just “under the bed” with winter clothes and drawing supplies. But I couldn’t just let it sit there for forever. So I found it a home with the grand-offspring of a friend. Today it was handed off, with masks on, to said friend’s significant other before I went grocery shopping.

I had meant to do so many things today. I just… didn’t. I’m sad and lack the energy to do a lot. I had a pretty bad panic attack this morning and I’m just… toasted. I’m not trying to be lackadaisical about putting away laundry, but it’s just kind of happening. I’ll get around to it, perhaps tomorrow evening.

Not the morning, though, because I will be seeing the lovely Reffie tomorrow for a socially distanced meet up.

I did get something accomplished today: I have half the year’s sweet recipes all ready to go. I’ll be doing savory spells for all of 2021, just as a personal challenge.

Anyway, I should go to bed. Take your meds, folks.

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